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Believe it or not it is March which means the start of autumn. The days are getting shorter but there is still plenty of sunlight left for your plants and lawns to thrive. As March can be a confusing time for even experienced gardeners we thought that we would write our top three “must do” services to have an exquisite lawn this autumn.

1. Get rid of the thatch.

Thatch is a build-up of stolons and other organic matter in your lawns. In summer thatch increases the amount of water needed to maintain a healthy lawn and in autumn and winter thatch can cause a variety of fungal diseases. This means that for those who want an inviting, lush lawn then thatch needs to be removed.

“How can you tell if you have a thatch problem?” If your lawn is spongy to walk on even after being cut and is regularly being scalped when cut then you most likely have a thatch problem.

The best way to remove thatch is via verti-mowing. To book a quote simply call or email here

2. Fertilise.

In winter, warm season grasses like the ones we have here in WA, go dormant. This means that to maintain a healthy vibrant colour throughout the whole lawn you will need to feed your lawns with fertiliser now before it gets cold. Because March can still be very warm this gives gardeners a narrow window to get a very effective response from your lawn fertiliser.

To book in a new fertilising job and to get an expert opinion on exactly what type of fertiliser is needed for your lawns then simply call or email here

3. Fix patchy and worn areas with seed.

March is an optimal growing period for plants and lawns, this means that it is one of the most effective times of the year to plant lawn seed. Damage caused by pets or patchy areas that have struggled for growth can be repaired and renewed by planting new lawn seed directly into that area.

Soil preparation, exact seed varieties, specific watering times and fertilising programmes are all vital to a successful service and are all included with any seed sowing service that Silverstone Gardening completes.

To book in a quote call or email here

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