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Citrus don’t just perform in the garden bed.

Citrus trees also do really well in pots or planters. A dwarf lemon or mandarin tree would look great in a patio area and what could be better than using your own patio grown lemons next time you have your friends over for a BBQ?

Watch out for Yellow leaves.

Yellowing leaves on your citrus trees can be caused by one of two things, either a lack of nutrients, especially nitrogen, or soil that is too cold or too alkaline for the plant. If the plant is lacking nutrients a slow release, nitrogen rich, fertiliser will do the trick and a soil preparation known as Iron chelates will fix the PH level. Both of these can be found at your local gardening store.

Control fruit fly with beer.

Beer surprisingly has a lot of uses in the garden and this is just one of its many secrets. Fruit flies love anything that is wet, yeasty and sweet, so beer in an old used soft drink bottle is a great trap. Pour some beer into your old bottle, place some holes in it large enough for the flies to get in and hang from your tree. Check your traps daily and when you see the number of flies increase dramatically, spray the tree.

Don’t let young trees set fruit.

If you have just planted your citrus trees the best thing that you can do is to encourage long term growth and root development. Removing any small fruit with you secateurs will do just that, when the tree is spending is energy growing fruit it’s not going to be growing roots so don’t be afraid to give fruit a snip in the first year.

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