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5 pretty plants you just can’t kill

There are a lot of plants that are a pleasure to the eye but unfortunately also a pain in the butt. If you are the kind of person that murders everything that you put in your soil then these are the plants for you.

1 Callistemon

A fast growing, flowering hedge that is bird attracting and needs next to no water! If you are religiously against garden maintenance then the bottle-brush is your genesis. Of course if you want to form a nice, informal hedge then light pruning every now and then will be required. It loves to be in full sun positions, enjoys the sandy soil and once established will need no watering at all.

2 Parlour Palm

They are great indoors but don’t like too much water, perfect for anyone with a brown thumb. They look fantastic bunched together with their soft green foliage. Very easy to propagate by division and are as cheap as chips. Perfect!

3 Agapanthus

What can I say? They look majestic planted together in clumps and their exquisite flowers range from deep purple to blues and whites. They can survive in full sun or part shade but will only flower in sunny positions. Easy to propagate and now come in dwarf varieties.

4 Bougainvillea

Fast growing bougainvillea’s produce a spectacular floral display all over the vine year in and year out with basically no attention at all. I you want the best flowering results then feed and water but if you are just happy to let it be then simply let it be and it will do the rest. Bougainvillea’s love the sun and are also quite aggressive growers so don’t plant near any trees if you are not keen on maintenance.

5 Cordyline

Frost resistant and colourful. Cordiylines are perfect for giving your yard a modern or tropical feel depending on which variety you choose. Plant them as a border to a lawn or path, they won’t mind the dogs or kids playing around them. They handle full sun to part shade best.

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