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Abelias are a fast-growing genus of around 30 species of shrub, some of which are evergreen and some of which that are deciduous. They have beautiful white to pink tubular flowers that clothe the plant in summer. So if you are thinking about getting Abelias for your garden, here are our top tips.

Abelias make great informal hedges

Abelias have a dense, bushy habit. They cover themselves in flowers over the summer months and will only grow to be 1.2 to 2 meters in height, which makes them perfect for hedging. However, they do have a habit of arching their branches so it is quite difficult to keep them perfectly straight. Its best then, to keep them in shape but don’t try any topiary on these plants.

Know your conditions

Most Abelias do not do well in harsh winters so make sure that you plant them in an appropriate climate, and in full sun or part shade. A moist, hommus rich soil that is well drained will certainly help these plants thrive, but some Abelias – such as ‘Francis Mason’ do well in poorer soils.


Abelia ‘Grandiflora’ and Abelia ‘Francis Mason’ are the most popular hedges. To keep as an informal hedge, prune back two or three times a year, with regular hedge trimmers.
If you’re using Abelias only as a shrub, just cut it back hard once a year after it has flowered, as this will encourage new growth. Otherwise, your Abelia may become gangly and sprout fewer leaves.

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