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About Us

About Us

Written By Silverstone Gardening Founder And Owner

Since Silverstone Gardening started in 2013 everything that we do, and have done, has been about giving our clients joy, peace of mind and the free time. We just happen to deliver this joy, peace of mind and free time by giving the highest quality lawn mowing and gardening service in the Rockingham, Baldivis and Kwinana areas.

I believe that our lives, our families and our businesses are getting busier, faster and more stressful and it often becomes the case that the urgent things in life are stealing time from the important things in life. This is why we have focused all of our attention towards helping our clients make time for things that really matter including everything from weekend sports with your kids to crucial meeting with your direct reports.

We provide outstanding gardening services so that you can enjoy the outstanding moments in life.

Our incredibly helpful admin staff are available full time on weekdays to answer any questions that you may have about your lawns and gardens. We are on hand for you and will be able to help you in every way from giving you an approximate time of arrival to sending through an account statement.

When serviced by Silverstone Gardening your lawns and gardens will be cared for by not only the highest quality equipment but also experienced, knowledgeable and caring gardeners. Our gardeners do thousands of jobs every year from the smallest front lawn to multi-site facilities and it is this experience that they will bring to you.

The equipment and software systems that we use are world class. This includes mowing equipment used in sports stadiums like The WACA and Etihad Stadium. On top of this our software allows us to answer almost any question that you might regarding your gardening service.

All of this has taken years to create and all of this is for you, our client. I believe that we are honoured to do the work that we do as every job is being done for a person and so every job we do is truly a privilege.

If you are looking for the highest quality gardening and lawn care provider then book a free quote now.

(Business Owner And Former Professional Athlete)