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Jobs to do this Winter

The air is cold, the grass is wet and the Sun is hiding behind another rain cloud. Its common to think that there isn’t much to do in the garden in winter, but let me tell you that this is one of my favourite times to garden as its a great time to last years harvest and plan for next years bloom.

So here are the 7 jobs that I will be doing this winter to make sure that come spring time my garden and my clients gardens will be things to behold.

1 Prune deciduous shrubs and trees

Deciduous trees and shrubs can be lightly pruned now. With some sharp and clean pruners remove damaged, diseased, weak or crossing branches. Always prune back to a node and make sure that your tree or shrub has a balanced shape after pruning. Winter pruning will set up how your plant grows for the resat of the year so take as much time as you need to get the job done properly the first time.

2 Plant broad beans and snow peas

If you have young children or grandchildren broad beans and snow peas can be some of the best crops to plant and now is the time to start. Broad beans grow around 1 meter high and snow peas around 1.5 meters so you will need to set up trellis for them to grow up. A simple trellis made of wooden stakes and chicken wire will do the job, plant seeds in rows at the base of the chicken wire and water well. After a few months your tiny seeds will be great vines ready to harvest and not only will you have grown your dinner but also some great memories with your children or grandchildren.

3 Transplant deciduous shrubs and trees

Even mature deciduous plants can be moved whilst they are dormant. Simply dig around the shrub creating as large and intact a rootball as you can. Move and plant carefully trying not to damage the rootball. Once planted in new position water well to give the best chance of success.

4 Prune Roses

If you are new to pruning roses its really not as complex as you may think. Repeat bloomers are pruned in winter, Sping-only bloomers are pruned back by a third straight after flowers fade. With some clean secateurs prune back your rose from half to one third of its size. Don’t be afraid of the aggressive pruning the rose can definitely handle it and it will stop your plant from going all leggy causing it to flower more.

5 Harvest Citrus

If you have some mature citrus trees in you garden then make sure you harvest the fruit. If you leave fruit on the tree or the grown it can become a breading grown for fruit fly so make sure to keep on top of all the fruit. If you are having trouble with your citrus have a look at this article for help.

6 Pressure wash paths and drive way

Some of us have the same problem every winter, Moss. You know the story you have a shaded part of you path or driveway that in summer looks fantastic and clean but in winter get water logged and filled with moss. Not only can it be unsightly in you paving but its also a trip hazard for old Aunt Margaret. So what do you do? Well you could buy a $5 wire brush and start scrubbing but in my opinion its a whole lot more enjoyable to buy a high pressure cleaner and attack the moss with that. To some people a┬ápressure cleaner might be a bit expensive for a job they are only going to do 1 or 2 times a year but these days you can pick up a new “cheap end” cleaner for $50-100 and if you spend a lot of time outdoors then it will make its money back in no time.

7 Start to dream and design

There is just something about the cool winter weather that brings out the creative side in me. I start planning and thinking about creative ways that I can make a difference in my own garden or in my clients gardens. So if there is anything else you need this winter for you garden its a pen, notepad, tape measure and a Pinterest account (and maybe a water proof jacket).


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