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Cheap as chips.
Our guide for getting Petunias this summer.

Petunias are a very cheap long-flowering annual, originally from South America, that flower from late Spring to Autumn. As a member of the Solanaceae family they are closely related to tomatoes, potatoes capsicums and even the tobacco plant. Petunias are such a popular plant come summer time that we have decided to answer three of the most common questions that you will need to know before you get your petunias.

What do you do when you first get your petunias?

Simply put keep the Snails and slugs away, we cannot stress it enough.Petunias are susceptible to attacks from snails and slugs so keep them protected by putting down snail bait or even a snail trap as soon as you get them. This is especially important for new seedlings as they can be completely wiped out over night if not cared for. The best thing to do would be to buy some snail pellets at the same time as you buy your seedlings so that you don’t forget and your seedling aren’t left exposed.

What do you do after your plants are planted and established?

Soon after you have planted your Petunias they will need some encouragement to produce dense growth that is bursting with flowers, pruning will do just that. When seedling are around 10cm tall cut out the main shoot to help the plants develop side shoots, in a couple of weeks repeat this to encourage even more dense growth that is packed with colour.

How to rejuvenate old and tired Petunias ?

Over the summer your Petunias will become gangly and lose the fullness that they had in late spring/ early summer. To rejuvenate your old and tired petunias give them a light prune to encourage new growth and feed them with liquid fertiliser which will give it an extra boost. This will encourage the plant to continue to produce more foliage and flower for many more weeks to come, perhaps even until the end of autumn.

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