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Agapanthus are one of the most popular flowering plants in Australia at the moment, which is not at all surprising as it is an incredible striking plant that requires little attention. So here are our top three tips for agapanthus.

What do you do when they don’t flower?

Let’s be honest; the main reason why you have this plant in your garden is because of its flowers. So what do you do when they don’t flower? Although agapanthus can grow in just about any position, too much shade will discourage the plants from flowering. To enjoy these striking flowers, simply remove plants from the shaded areas they are in and place in an area where they will receive full sun.

Get new plants for free

It’s no gardening secret, agapanthus divide really well. To increase the amount of plants you have, dig up your agapanthus in late winter and divide them into separate plants using your spade. Simply replant back into your garden beds, it’s as easy as that.

Better together

A single plant that awkwardly juts out of the landscape is never a good look. As Jack Johnson would sing “it’s always better when we’re together”. Agapanthus look majestic in rows or clusters so why would you plant them any other way?

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  • Posted: July 26, 2015 23:07


    Each seed will make on plant. Not all seeds grow though, so plant more seeds than you need. When you plant your seeds, flloow the directions on the package. It will tell you how much dirt to put on top, how far to space each plant, and how long it will take for the seed to start growing. Water your plants whenever the soil feels dry. You don't want to over-water them so just make sure the soil is always damp.The best planters to start seeds are small styrofoam cups. Poke a little hole in the bottom to let the extra water out. Put that cup inside another one, without a hole, to catch th ewater so it doesn't make a mess. Good luck on your planting and on your project!