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Complete Lawn Care Packages

Everything your lawn needs in one service,
so you get a beautiful lawn without lifting a finger.

About Our Lawn Care Packages

Designed by WA turf professionals for WA conditions.

Every service your lawn needs, scheduled at the perfect time of year, including mowing and reticulation checks

All services by qualified and experienced gardeners using the highest quality products and equipment

A dedicated admin team takes care of all scheduling, so you don’t have to organise anything

Four options to suit your goals

Designed by WA turf professionals for WA conditions


Simple and effective lawn improvements

– 21 Professional Mowing Services
– Simple Fertilisation & Weed Control Program
– 1 Aeration Service
– Summer Wetting Agent Applications
– 1 Reticulation Check


A beautiful lawn without lifting a finger

– 21 Professional Mowing Services
– Intermediate Annual Fertilisation Program
– Intermediate Annual Weed Control Program
– 2 Aeration Service
– 1 Insect Prevention Service
– Soil Amendment Applications
– 1 Grooming Service
– Reticulation Checks


Lush, weed free, the best lawn on the street

– 35 Professional Mowing Services
– Complete Annual Fertilisation Program
– Complete Annual Weed Control Program
– 2 Aeration Services
– Intermediate Annual Pest & Disease Treatment Plan
– Soil Amendment Applications
– 2 Grooming Services
– Reticulation Checks


No compromises. The best lawn possible

– 42 Professional Mowing Services
– Complete Annual Fertilisation Program
– Complete Annual Weed Control Program
– 3 Aeration Services
– Complete Annual Pest & Disease Treatment Plan
– Complete Soil Health Treatment Program
– 2 Grooming Services
– Regular Reticulation System Checks

How Much Do These Services Cost?

Generate an instant estimate based on similar jobs from lawns around the Southern River area. You can use this to get an indication of costings, then schedule an in person quote to find out exactly what your lawns will cost.

How to use this form

1. Measure how big your lawn is in square meters, you can do this using either a measuring tape or the Google Maps measuring feature. (Please note that the more accurate your measurements, the more accurate the from will be.)

2. Use the green slider at the top of this form to input the area of your lawn in square meters.

3. The form will instantly calculate an average range of prices that you could expect our Complete Lawn Care Packages to cost. These prices are based on previous quotes completed by Silverstone Gardening.

The prices in this form are only intended to give an indication of costings for lawns cut every fortnight. This helps you to instantly know if our services are likely to fall within your budget.

If you would like to book in a service contact Silverstone Gardening and we will organise the rest.

Our Results

Gold Package

Kikuyu, Armadale
This lawn in was almost completely dead when we started. No new lawn or seed added, these are simply the results of our Gold Package.

Lawn Improvement Canning Vale

Silver Package

Couch, Canning Vale
These results in Canning Vale where achieved in just 11 weeks from starting the Silver Package.

Bronze Package

Buffalo, Canning Vale
This lawn had serious herbicide damage and had previously struggled with weeds. Now lush, healthy and almost zero weeds.

Our Commitment

Our commitment at Silverstone Gardening is to provide the highest quality, most reliable lawn and garden service, from first call to last invoice.  This includes our Complete Lawn Care Packages. 

It is our experience that while most people desire a thick, green, healthy, weed-free lawn, few people know the steps and services involved in getting their lawn to that desired level. So, in the confusion, most people settle for a lawn that is below what they really want.

Our goal with our Complete Lawn Care Packages is to help you by planning and completing every specific service your lawn needs to get your lawn looking exactly how you want it to look. We provide different levels of service for different people’s goals. These services will be completed by trained professionals and are supported by our great administration team.

We have specifically designed these packages so that you do not have to think about a thing. Our team will book you in for all services and send you your service dates months in advance. They will remind you that we are coming a business day before every service and will sort out all payments for you via credit card. Our gardeners are experienced, friendly and knowledgeable. They will help you with any lawn or garden solution you need.

This service not only gives you a beautiful green lawn, it gives you peace of mind and more time to focus on the things in life that really matter to you.

This webpage explains the four packages, what you can expect from them and every individual services we use on your lawns to get them looking amazing. This is to give you confidence that Silverstone Gardening and the packages we provide will make a huge difference to your lawns.

Luke Smith
Business Owner
Silverstone Gardening

Our Four Complete Lawn Care Packages

All of our complete lawn care packages are designed to give you huge, noticeable improvements on your lawns, not just in the short term, but for years to come.

These packages come in four tiers to suit your goals and budget for your lawns.

The amount of time needed to get your lawn to its potential will vary depending on factors like the level of package you choose, time of year, weather conditions and the lawn’s starting state.

Starter Package

Simple, economical lawn improvements

Included Services Per Year
– 21 Professional Mowing Services
– Simple Fertilisation & Weed Control Program
– 1 Aeration Service
– Summer Wetting Agent Applications
– 1 Reticulation Check

What you should expect from this service.
The Starter Package covers the fundamentals of lawn care. You will see improvements in lawn colour, especially in spring and autumn. Your lawns resilience to heat will slowly be improved over time and you will notice a reduction in weeds especially during winter.

The main goal of this package is to give an economical option. Compared to the other packages we offer lawns on the starter package will not hold as much colour during winter, will not be as weed free and will struggle more in hot weather.

If you are looking for a truly exceptional lawn, the Bronze, Silver or Gold packages will better serve your goals. However, if you are looking for simple and consistent improvements that wont break the bank, then this is the package for you.

Bronze Package

For those who want lush, green lawn all year ’round

Included Services Per Year
– 21 Professional Mowing Services
– Annual Fertilisation & Soil Health Program
– Annual Weed Control Program
– 1 Aeration Service
– Annual Insect Prevention Program
– 1 Grooming Service
– Regular Reticulation Checks

What to expect from this service
The Bronze Package will give most people the best lawn they have ever had. All major services are not only covered but taken to the next level.

Results will far exceed a mowing only service. Your lawn will hold a beautiful colour year round. Weeds will be kept to a minimum and your lawns will be noticeably more resilient to hot weather.

Overall, results take about twice as long to be achieved compared to our Silver or Gold Packages but are much faster and longer lasting than the Standard Package. In addition, the Bronze Package may struggle to fully control some more difficult and persistent weeds you may get.

Lawns on a Bronze package are cut slightly higher and may require more frequent vertimowing serv (an additional service) when compared to Gold and Silver Packages.

Buffalo Lawn Care

Silver Package

For those who want a truly remarkable lawn

Included Services Per Year
– 35 Professional Mowing Services
– Complete Annual Fertilisation Program
– Complete Annual Weed Control Program
– 2 Aeration Services
– Annual Pest & Disease Treatment Plan
– Focused Soil Health Improvements
– 3 Grooming Services
– Regular Reticulation Checks

What to expect from this service
The Silver Package will make your lawn a head turner for anyone passing by and a conversation starter for any visitor to your house.

The frequency and quality of improvement services like soil amendments, fertilisation and weed control give amazing results very quickly.

With the Silver Package our gardeners have the ability to solve some of the most complicated problems you may be facing.

If you are looking for a remarkable lawn without liftiing a finger then this is the service for you.

Lawn Mowing Madora Bay

Gold Package

For those who want one of the best lawns in WA

Included services Per Year
– 42 Professional Mowing Services
– Complete Annual Fertilisation Program
– Complete Annual Weed Control Program
– 3 Aeration Services
– Complete Annual Pest & Disease Treatment Plan
– Complete Soil Health Treatment Program
– 3 Grooming Services
– Regular Reticulation System Checks

What to expect from this service.
No expense has been spared with our Gold Package. This package has been designed to give you one of the best lawns in WA, period.

Once this service begins to take effect, you can expect beautiful, deep green lawns with vivid lawn stripes. A golf course level finish at your property.

Our gardeners will services your lawn at least once every week during the growing season, taking note of any little issue to be tended to and making every adjustment necessary to ensure that your lawn is as close to perfect as is possible.

There is no compromise in this package and the price reflects that level of service. The result, given enough time, will be a lawn that few others in the state can match.

Silverstone Gardening Gold Package Results Kikuyu

Gardening Services

With Silverstone Gardening you get a full team of qualified and experienced gardeners. This means that we are able to add regular gardening services, like hedging and weed control, to your lawn care package so that you get everything in one place.

Simply mention the addition gardening services that you would like to have done and our friendly team will organise for this to be added to your quote.

How our Complete Lawn Care Packages deliver amazing lawns

The foundation of lawn and garden maintenance is consistency. Irregular work, no matter how well it is done, will never outperform a consistent, well-designed plan.

When you sign up to any regular service with Silverstone Gardening, your lawn and garden services are scheduled months in advance. You will receive your schedule via email with your upcoming dates and we will remind you via text message the business day before any service we do for you. As a result, your services are never forgotten or ignored, and your lawns and gardens thrive.

What your lawns and gardens really need

For any lawn or garden to be beautiful and healthy, it needs to be getting enough sunlight, water and nutrients and it needs to be protected from any pest or other situation that may cause it damage. Our complete lawn care packages are pre-emptive – not reactionary – and plan for the challenges that lawns in WA face by providing correct services at the proper time by experienced professionals.


There is very little any gardener can do without water. This is why every year for every complete lawn care package level, at the start of spring, we conduct a retic flush, test and set. We flush the system of any sand that may cause clogs in sprinklers, test all sprinklers looking for damage and recommend any fixes that are needed. We also measure and set the retic so that your lawn is getting the correct amount of water it needs.

Lawn Mowing

All our lawn mowing services include edging, blowing down paths and removing clippings. When a lawn is cut, the lawn is put under stress. The best way to minimise that stress (whilst encouraging thick, healthy growth) is to cut the lawn as frequently as possible, with the highest quality equipment available at a height that is healthy for the specific variety of grass. Our weekly services give the best results and should be the only type of service considered by anyone wanting the best lawn on the street.


Selective Weed Sprays

Post-emergent Selective Weed Sprays

Target weeds in the lawns without damaging the lawn. These sprays work on weeds that have already sprouted and are showing in the lawn. Whilst these sprays are remarkably effective, they can also be very complicated to use and can damage your lawn or nearby plants if not selected or applied correctly. Silverstone Gardening has licensed, experienced weed control experts who will spray your lawn with the right herbicide, at the right time, with care and attention to detail. You can relax knowing your weeds are being dealt with by professionals. 

Pre-emergent Selective Weed Sprays

Kill weeds just after they have germinated and before they sprout without damaging the lawn. They are highly effective for long term control and are the best solution for anyone desiring a weed-free lawn. However, they are not a magic bullet as some weeds are not targeted by these sprays. Therefore, a weed control program that includes both pre- and post-emergent sprays is what is needed to get the best results for your lawn.  

Cultural Practices


One of the most important but neglected services for lawn health. Aeration relieves compacted soil allowing nutrients, air and water to get to the roots. This helps other services like watering, fertilising and wetting agents become more effective. Aeration is beneficial all year ‘round and for sandy, compacted lawns, it may be the number one thing that will take your lawn to the next level. 


This is a type of mowing that vertically cuts your lawn. This helps to encourage thicker growth and is a good preventative measure for thatch. Preventing thatch is crucial for the long-term health of any lawn which is one of the reasons why grooming is so important.  

Top Dressing

Involves adding a layer of soil on top of your lawn and is often the only way to create a flat finish on a lawn. Top soil and can also benefit your soil profile, which will pay dividends in the long run.

Fertilisers, Wetting Agents & Insecticides

Granule Fertilisers 

The granule fertilisers that we use are slow-release, complete fertilisers. WA soils are sandy and lack nutrients; as a result, a complete fertiliser is crucial to your lawn health as it supplements the nutrients missing in the soil profile. Granule fertilisers breakdown slowly and provide sustained nutrients during that time. Crucial for lawn health and vibrancy granule fertilisers are the backbone to a healthy, green, thick lawn. 

Liquid Fertilisers

These fertilisers are fast-acting and give an intense, deep colour to the lawn that is difficult to achieve with granule fertilising alone. This alone will make your lawn stand out among your neighbours. It is absorbed through the leaves and is often a better fertilising solution in the winter months as warm season grasses start to yellow. It does an amazing job at making lawn stand out like nothing else can. 

Humic and Fulvic Acid

These improve soil condition and will increase root growth, soil moisture retention, repair soil structure, improve growth, reduce stress and stimulate microbial activity in your soil. The list of benefits to soil and plant health is immense but these products are seldom used in residential lawns. These are secret weapons that will help your lawn become truly healthy and is a must for anyone with serious long-term lawn goals. 

Granule Wetting Agents

Help improve hydrophobic soils. They allow water to penetrate to the root zone where the water is needed, rather than sitting on top of the soil and evaporating. Hydrophobic soils are one of the biggest issues in West Australian lawn care and having a plan to get on top of it before it becomes an issue makes a huge difference to every lawn.  

Liquid Wetting Agents and Retaining Agents

Also improve hydrophobic soils. However, liquid wetting agents are faster acting and are very effective at fixing common problem spots that need urgent attention and are unfortunately common in WA lawns. When paired with a retaining agent, as we do in our complete lawn care packages, your soil will not only let the water down to the root zone but will also hold that water there, making the most of every drop of water used on your lawn. 

Plant Growth Regulators

Encourage the lawn to grow in a more tight-knit fashion. It prevents elongated growth which reduces the amount of stress on the lawn when the lawn is cut. The dense nature of the growth is not only extremely visually appealing but is an excellent weed suppressant. PGR’s can be one of the missing pieces between a really good lawn and an excellent lawn.

Seaweed Products

Help lawns become more stress tolerant, increase root development, help with fertiliser uptake and provide better resistance to some insect and fungal attacks. This is a great all-round health boost for any plant and is a no-brainer for anyone looking to have a great lawn.


Keep your lawn healthy by minimising the amount of damaging pests in your lawn. Silverstone Gardening uses the highest quality products to provide season-long grub and caterpillar control for your lawn. This means that all the hard work we put into your lawn will not be lost through an infestation.

Additional Services

Whilst these services are not included in our complete lawn care packages, they may be required in certain circumstances and are services that we provide.

Vertimowing is an aggressive, labour-intensive service that removes thatch from the lawn by vertically cutting the lawn. Thatch is a result of dead runners accumulating over time between the soil and grass blades. Thatch absorbs water before it is able to get to the roots. It leaves an undesirable finish when cut and can also promote fungal diseases. If your lawn is struggling with thatch, vertimowing is the single most important service to improve your lawn and should be done before any complete lawn care package services are started.

Insecticides and Pest Treatments: Whilst our silver and gold packages do include a pre-emptive pest treatment, there are some rare occasions where multiple treatments are necessary. If this is the case for your lawn, our gardeners will be able to identify this and will provide a quote on any additional work needed.

Fungicides help protect your lawn against fungal diseases that can damage your lawn and cause it to look unsightly. If a fungal issue arises with your lawns, our gardeners will be able to inspect the problem and provide a solution for you.

Extra Weed Control Services: The sprays used in our complete lawn care packages are the highest quality available. However, it must be noted that there are some weed varieties that are uncommon or hard to control that may need different or additional sprays on top of those included in the complete lawn care packages. Lawns that are infested with large weeds and have minimal grass coverage can be fixed, even within a few months, but may require more sprays to do so. Also, clients that have unique requests may need additional or different sprays. If you have any questions, feel free to email or call our office.

For more information about our Complete Lawn Care Packages, or for a quote, submit the form below, selecting ‘Complete Lawn Care Packages’ and someone from our friendly team will get in touch with you.

To read testimonials from our clients, head to Testimonials.

11 Weeks Difference Between Photos

Silver Package Results

“My lawn was struggling for years, it was 60% dead and patchy, and within 9 weeks of them coming onboard it was completely transformed. They had a plan for the different steps need to get my lawn healthy and thriving and it worked. I’m now using a lot less water on my lawn as a result.”

Darren, Canning Vale

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